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Virtualization is a technology that can provide you an abstraction between your computer hardware and software by providing a virtual view of computing resources instead of physical view. Virtualization makes you OS think that a group of servers is actually a single pool of computing resources. With the help of virtualization, you can run multiple OS on single machine.

Virtualization helps you reduce the number physical servers and thus, also reduce the power needed by each of them. Additionally, it is far better to deploy a virtual machine rather than the physical one. It simply saves you money, space, time, and significantly reduces the problems related to desktop management.

Here are top 5 benefits that your organization will get from virtualization:

Reduced Hardware Costs

Virtualization can result in 40% reduction of hardware use resulting in big bucks saving that would otherwise be spent on purchasing and maintain hardware.

Faster Server Deployment

Deploying a virtual server is far better than deploying a physical server. Thus, it helps in big time save.

Improved Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery with virtual servers is more cost-effective and simpler as compared to physical servers.

Significant Energy Cost Savings

The migration of physical servers to virtual machines allows you to consolidate them onto fewer physical servers resulting in less energy consumption.

Increased Productivity

Having fewer physical servers simply means there are less of them to maintain and manage.

Almost all of the virtual systems work with Windows, Unix and Linux operating systems, but it may depend on your individual virtualization solutions too.

It depends on your memory of your server and processing speed. Greater number of virtual machines can be placed on servers with higher capacity and lower consumption.

Client-hosted desktop virtualization is becoming more relevant especially in today’s market where more and more organizations are faced with shrinking IT budgets. Enterprises are looking to centralize desktops and increase productivity while also reducing costs, ensuring control over information assets and complying with security regulations across the enterprise. Hence, to meet these challenges you should opt for our virtualization solutions that are best for you.

Virtualization Solutions

Desktop virtualization (DV) is the new buzz word in IT that holds the promise of solving the many desktop management problems that have troubled IT since desktops have been in use in enterprises. Virtualization has been used extensively by enterprises for server consolidation to simplify storage management, improve resource utilization and ensure high availability. If you are looking for the same, you should choose the best Virtualization Solutions by NetShooters in Chandigarh.

Why You Should Choose Our Virtualization Services?

With the success within the data centre environment (servers and storage), many vendors are pushing for similar technology approaches to address desktop virtualization. Our virtualization solutions offer optimized and high performance dynamic virtual desktops (DVDs) by combining the best of centralized IT management and client computing together to deliver truly anywhere, anytime personalized desktop execution on any device. This results in significant cost savings and an uncompromised user experience.

NetShooter’s virtualization solutions offer a broad collection of virtualization solutions that allow enterprises to choose the technologies that best suit their unique business and IT challenges while preserving their existing IT investments.

Benefits of Our Desktop Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization Solutions Provider Company in Chandigarh Mohali


Flexible technology with low cost of distribution for delivering workspaces on demand over the cloud on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Virtualization Solutions Provider in Chandigarh Mohali

Unified Virtual Workspace

Offers flexibility, better user experience in terms of performance and response time and enforces compliance.

Ransomware & Virus Removal Services Provider Company in Chandigarh

Disaster Recover

Business continuity is very important for any enterprise. With desktop virtualization the user data is continuously synched with network storage. This aids in quick and easy disaster recovery from a stolen, lost or damaged laptop. Users have quick access to a newly constructed secure virtual workspace via a network link or by simply plugging in their pre-installed USB drive.

Ransomware & Virus Removal Services Provider in Chandigarh

Thin Computing

With enterprises employing thin computing in addition to traditional desktop computing, desktop virtualization helps transform a thin client into a full-fledged PC and also reduces management complexities and energy consumption.

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