Server Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions in Chandigarh

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Yes, NetShooters is a leading disaster recovery solutions provider in India that provides a hybrid cloud backup solution. We strive on providing hybrid cloud backup solution to achieve intelligent business continuity, as it helps businesses to back up their data smartly in efficient way.

When you run a business based in IT infrastructure, a minor downtime can put you in a huge loss. Therefore, we have built up the solutions that allow you to have servers booting instantly so that you can restore your server and get your organization to work within the minutes.

We understand that it is very important that our clients can have a peace of mind while running their critical business. Therefore, we back it up quickly on cloud. This allows our clients to reduce their downtime by huge margin.

NetShooters understands the need and vitality of having multiple data centers located in geographically diverse locations. Diversification is important for three reasons. First, it makes sure that even if data is removed locally, there is a secure copy off-site that can be restored. Second, it saves bucks because your local device capacity does not have to cover your entire backup storehouse. And third, in case of a regional disaster, at least one data center location must not be affected and you can restore your data anytime.

We have a team that has experience in handling the global clientele. If you are going through a backup or disaster crisis, we provide you the best technical and customer support available, at the time it’s required. We believe in offering intelligent & next level server backup and disaster recovery solutions to minimize risk and keep our Client’s systems running in the event of a technical or natural disaster.

No matter a business is big or small, servers are required to initiate all the work in the organization. But give it a thought once, what will happen if a server failure occurs at any point of time? Definitely, it will stop all the working in the organization. But it is also true that the computers are a paramount of every successful business, then how is it possible? It is here when we realize that disaster recovery services serve best because these services can provide business continuity even during critical server failures. Today majority of companies are putting approximately 2-4% of their IT budgets into disaster recovery planning with best server backup and data recovery service providers in Chandigarh hoping that the investment would enable them to avoid larger long term losses. NetShooters serve with disaster recovery assessment and disasters planning that highlight your preparations and how better can things be organized if a server fails and opt methods to back up your data and provide disaster recovery for your organization.

If you are looking for best server backup and disaster recovery solutions in Chandigarh, get in touch with the NetShooters today.

Why Choose NetShooters for Server Backup and Disaster Recovery Services?

In case of a server failure, our efficient disaster recoveries service either backups onto a cloud service or any other server or hard drive, which helps in saving the grace thereby allowing the organization and its people to continue working unharmed and unaffected. Using our efficient services such as Server Backup, we protect your company’s data from every possible threat and keep it confidential at the same time. Other than Server Backup, there are some more disaster recovery solutions provided by NetShooters by which a person can get back the data such as data recovery, with the help of which a business can retrieve most or all of the lost data. NetShooters also offer other disaster recovery services like disaster recovery validation and testing afterwards, which enables a company to run test of their recovery plans and ensure they’re up to scratch even before and after if a nightmare scenario happens.

Server Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions in Chandigarh
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