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Consultation and Strategy

Every industry is different, and every company has different needs. We’ll consult with you to develop the right strategy for your market.

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Incentive Creation

Generic sign up forms are a thing of the past. To convert more website visitors, we’ll help develop an attractive incentive so your audience will have a greater reason to sign up for your list.

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Website Integration

We can add important elements to your website to help you gain more contacts and build your email list. Sometimes, a simple popup is all it takes.

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Automated Welcome Email

We will automate certain elements of the campaign to make sure that no one falls through the cracks. If someone gives you their email address, we want to give them a nice welcome.

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Effective Email Templates

There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel every time you want to do a new promotion. We’ll create templates based on proven formats to help save time and be more effective.

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Ecommerce Integration

Ecommerce websites require a more hands-on approach. Keep your customers coming back and drive sales by encouraging them not to abandon their cart and engage with special offers.


Email Marketing is one of the most effective and influential direct marketing techniques that involves sending out commercial emails in order to promote, influence, or fundraise for the business. It is basically broadcasting emails to the potential customers and audience that is most likely to convert into leads.

Email Marketing can be used for the following purposes:

  • To strengthen the relationship between your existing or previous customers to the loyalty enhancement
  • To acquire a new market of users or convince your existing customers to buy your new products or services.
  • Adding advertisements to the emails sent by other businesses to their customers.
  • For branding purposes.

If you choose Netshooter’s email marketing services, you’ll proudly enjoy the following advantages:

  • The companies can reach out to the potential customers who have chosen to get their emails and shown interest in their services.
  • According to a survey, over half of all internet users check their emails every day increasing the chances of your mails being found over 50% of the time.
  • The ROI can be completely tracked and is very high if you run your campaign effectively.
  • You can use transactional emails to allow your customers to respond directly to the event and purchase mails.

Here are three best reasons why should you be looking for the email marketing services for your business:

  • Email Marketing is cheap as compared to other conventional methods of marketing.
  • As email marketing specifically targets the interested audience, the success rate is quite high.
  • It is easy to modify and measure your email campaigns.

Netshooters is a reputed firm that has been providing effective Email Marketing Services to the clients from all around the world. We are known for high ROI and instant results that would make you want us more to handle all the digital marketing strategy for your business.

We take care of the following aspects to create a killer email marketing campaign for your business:

  1. Creative
    • Our team gets whole creative to create an email that compels and influence your users to get what you want.
  2. Relevant
    • We make sure that your emails are being personalized according to each individual that receives the mail.
  3. Incentives and Freebies
    • Customers often look for what’s in there for them. This is why we offer incentives and freebies to persuade them to buy what we are selling.
  4. Timing
    • We send out your emails mostly when your users are most likely to view them.
  5. Landing page
    • We know that landing page is important and therefore, we create a landing page that is meant to offer highest conversion ever.

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    Top Email Marketing Company

    Email marketing is the most productive manner of promoting your brand. If you incorporate right strategy at the right time, you can be sure to generate best outcomes. It is the most legendry form of brand promotion. Email marketing helps companies grow their contact list and target most potential customers easily and conveniently. There are some tips and techniques which if implemented correctly can help you get double folds on your investment. Netshooters is the best email marketing agency in Chandigarh and Mohali that has been helping its clients to generate the potential leads through compelling emails.

    Best Email Marketing Company in Chandigarh Mohali

    Email Marketing Services

    The email marketing is not just about sending emails to people and hope they will get back to you and make you business. There is much more to email marketing. Therefore, we combine a list of different tasks to create the email marketing campaigns that are meant to yield the real results. Here is what we do to make your email campaigns successful:

    Our Email Marketing Approach

    We work through the following approach for creating effective email marketing campaigns for your business:

    Research On Your Subject

    Jot down very prominent and inspiring feature of that product. It will help you create a successful campaign.

    Work On Your Design

    We come up with a catchy theme that can present your products and services properly and promptly.

    Add Valuable Information

    We pay some extra attention to the information we add. We make sure that it is valuable and authentic. People only prefer those mails, which provide reliable and useful information.

    Know What Customer Demands

    With this you can understand what they really want to see and then you can add those things in your email too.

    Add An Enticing Subject

    Remember the subject decides the fate of your campaign. It should represent a highly professional yet humanly approach. People prefer brands which interact in a humanly manner.

    Make It Scannable

    The best part of an email is when it is easy to read and easy to comprehend. We compose your email in such a way that it becomes scannable.

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